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Tudor kitchens: The taste of the fire

Tudor kitchens: The taste of the fire

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The taste of the fire
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    • The taste of the fire: the story of the Tudor Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace is a lively romp through the vast food factory that fed and watered 600 people, twice a day. King Henry VIII may have had his own private chef, but the court was also fed in fine style by highly skilled and imaginative cooks using an astonishing variety of ingredients. This illustrated book, written by our own curators and food archaeologists, explores eating at court, the Tudor diet and food production in the kitchens. It contains many authentic Tudor recipes adapted for contemporary cooks, so you can try your hand at a tasty Buknade (chicken stew) or salmon rosted in sause. Paperback, 48 pages, 23.5 x 18cm. Published by Historic Royal Palaces.

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