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Anne Boleyn

Shop our unique collection of Anne Boleyn books, jewellery and gifts. Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Tudor King Henry VIII and the mother of Elizabeth I. Henry's desire to divorce his first wife, Catharine of Aragon and marry Anne helped bring about the English Reformation. She was the first English queen to be publicly executed at the Tower of London. 

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Who was Anne Boleyn?

Anne Boleyn is known most famously as the second wife of King Henry VIII and mother to Queen Elizabeth I. She was queen of England from 1533 until 1536 when she was executed at the Tower of London. Anne Boleyn was also a key figure at the start of the English Reformation, with her marriage to Henry VIII the major reason leading to Henry cutting ties with Rome and establishing the Church of England.

What happened to Anne Boleyn?

Anne Boleyn was found guilty of high treason in 1536 by her peers. She was accused of having an affair with five men and conspiring with them to kill the king. The men included high profile figures from court, including her brother, George Boleyn and Groom of the Stool Sir Henry Norris. Shortly after she was found guilty, Anne Boleyn was executed with a sword by a skilled French swordsman on Tower Green at the Tower of London.

Why was Anne Boleyn executed?

There is no concrete evidence for why she was executed but she was most likely framed. This was most likely on the orders of Henry VIII who was keen to move on in his attempt to have a male heir or Thomas Cromwell organised the conspiracy, as Anne was a potential enemy and block to his own plans.

What Anne Boleyn jewellery do you sell?

Our most popular piece of historical replica jewellery is our Anne Boleyn initial necklace, which is available in all of the letters of the alphabet. We also sell a set of ‘B’ earrings and a ‘B’ stacking ring.

What other Anne Boleyn gifts do you have?

Our ‘Queen B’ range of clothing accessories includes a hand fan, T-shirt, tote bag and a coin purse. We also have a selection of books, decorations and more.