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Discover our arms and armour gift collection, inspired by the famous 'Line of Kings' at the Tower of London. Browse through our re-enactment replica weapons, shields and armour. Each item is lovingly crafted and would make a perfect gift for the lover of Medieval or Tudor history.

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  1. Medieval crusader helmet design goblet with spiral chainmail stem

    Medieval crusader goblet

  2. Medieval knights goblet

    Medieval knights goblet

  3. Medieval sword goblet

    Medieval sword goblet


Kid's knight helmet

    Kid's knight helmet

  5. Henry VIII's armour apron - 100% cotton

    Henry VIII armour apron

  6. Gauntlet Goblet

    Gauntlet goblet

  7. The 

Kid's knight great helm

    Kid's knight great helm


Dressed to Kill t-shirt

    'Dressed to Kill' t-shirt

    As low as £17.99
  9. Lancelot suit of armour

    Lancelot suit of armour

  10. Henry VIII Tournament Helmet

    Henry VIII Tournament Helmet

  11. Knight Templar Sword

    Knight Templar sword

  12. Henry VIII Hunting Dagger

    Henry VIII hunting dagger

  13. Knightly Sword

    Knightly sword


22 Items

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Set Descending Direction