Gold and Glory collection inspired by the Field of the Cloth of Gold

Gold and Glory: Henry VIII and the French King

Explore our special collection inspired by the 'Gold and Glory' exhibition celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Field of Cloth of Gold.

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  1. Henry VIII crown pencil

    Henry VIII crown pencil


Henry VIII crown thimble

    Henry VIII crown thimble

  3. Ancestors of Dover Henry VIII crown bookmark

    Henry VIII crown bookmark

  4. Flemish Tapestries Royal coat of arms tapestry

    Royal coat of arms tapestry

  5. Flemish Tapestries The Tournament tapestry

    The Tournament tapestry

  6. Henry VIII Hunting Dagger

    Henry VIII hunting dagger

  7. Henry VIII Tournament Helmet

    Henry VIII Tournament Helmet

  8. Medieval knights goblet

    Medieval knights goblet

  9. Gauntlet Goblet

    Gauntlet goblet

  10. Knight Medieval Goblet

    Knight medieval goblet

  11. Theobald's goblet

    Theobald's goblet

  12. lion heart goblet

    Lion Heart gauntlet goblet

  13. Medieval sword tankard

    Medieval sword tankard

  14. Medieval knights tankard

    Medieval knights tankard


Items 25-43 of 43

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Set Descending Direction