Queen Elizabeth II 95th Birthday

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Queen Elizabeth II birthday

Discover how British monarchs have celebrated and commemorated historic birthdays, past and present.

How old will the Queen be on her birthday this year?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turned 95 in April 2021.

Why does the Queen have two birthdays?

British monarchs have celebrated two birthdays since 1748. The tradition of an official birthday celebration in the summer began with King George II, whose birthday was in November, when the British weather is not ideal for big outdoor celebrations. While Queen Elizabeth traditionally celebrates her birthday privately with her family, her official birthday is a public celebration, which includes the Trooping of the Colour, an annual military parade.

When is the Queen’s actual birthday?

The Queen was born on 21st April 1926.

When is the Queen’s official birthday?

The Queen’s official birthday in 2021 falls on Saturday 12th June.

Why is Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebrated in June?

The Queen’s second, or “official” birthday is celebrated in June to take advantage of better weather. She originally marked this on the second Thursday in June, as her father, King George VI, but since 1959, has celebrated on the second Saturday in June.

How is the Queen’s birthday celebrated?

The Queen’s birthday is usually celebrated with Trooping the Colour, a military spectacle which has marked the monarch’s official birthday for over 260 years. This year the traditional parade outside Buckingham Palace has been cancelled for only the second time in Queen Elizabeth’s 68-year reign.