Tower of London official gift shop

Tower of London official gift shop

The Tower of London, founded by William the Conqueror in 1066-7, is one of the world's most famous fortresses, and one of Britain's most visited historic sites. These products are all inspired by the World Heritage site the Tower of London.

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  1. Guardsman travel pillow

    Guardsman travel pillow

  2. Union Jack flag badge

    Union Jack pin badge

  3. crown of india pin badge

    Crown of India pin badge

  4. raven pin badge

    Raven pin badge

  5. Royal England Shield

    Royal England shield

  6. Henry VIII Tournament Helmet

    Henry VIII Tournament Helmet

  7. Knightly Sword

    Knightly sword

  8. Knight Templar Sword

    Knight Templar sword

  9. Richard The Lionheart Sword

    Richard the Lionheart sword

  10. Henry VIII Hunting Dagger

    Henry VIII hunting dagger

  11. Writhen Hilt Sword

    Writhen hilt Sword

  12. Crown of india hanging decoration - Christmas ornaments

    Crown of India decoration

  13. Crown of india purple keyring - Tower of London Crown Jewels

    Crown of India keyring

  14. crown of india bookmark

    Crown of India bookmark

  15. knitted childrens knight hat

    Child's knitted knight hat

  16. Raven Black On Black Mug

    Raven black mug

  17. Crown Brooch

    Crown brooch

    As low as £19.99

Items 73-96 of 184

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Set Descending Direction