Our collection of Yeoman Warder gifts includes beautiful homewares, Christmas tree decorations and gifts for children. The Yeoman Warders are more commonly known as Beefeaters, have been guarding the Tower of London since Tudor times. The Yeoman Body of 37 men and women are all drawn from the Armed Forces.

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  1. Beefeater dress up costume

    Beefeater dress up costume

    As low as £29.99
  2. Tower of London Beefeater soft toy teddy bear

    Beefeater teddy bear

  3. St Nicolas Yeoman Warder tree decoration

    Yeoman Warder 'Beefeater' decoration

  4. Tower of London chess set

    Tower of London chess set

  5. Yeoman Warder magnet

    Yeoman Warder magnet

  6. Beefeater pencil

    Beefeater pencil

  7. Add a kid t-shirt - Beefeater (child)

    Beefeater "Add a kid" children's t-shirt

    As low as £12.99
  8. Yeoman Warder key ring

    Yeoman Warder key ring

  9. Tower of London Icons Mug

    Tower of London icons mug


24 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction