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Browse through our beautiful range of hanging decorations, ornaments and baubles including unique and hand-made pieces exclusive to Historic Royal Palaces. All of our hanging decorations are inspired by our magnificent palaces and are sure to make striking additions to your Christmas tree and home.

Take advantage of the special delivery offer: up to 3 selected decorations will be delivered for only £2.99 to the UK, Jersey and Guernsey, £7.99 to Europe and Scandinavia, £10.99 to USA and Canada, and £15.99 to the rest of the world. The offer applies to the decorations with the 'Delivery offer' roundel.

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Christmas tree decorations

Our Christmas decorations and sparkling Christmas ornaments and baubles are inspired by historical figures, events and our palaces. These hanging decorations are expertly made and are sure to delight during the festive season or even all year round.

What are Christmas tree decorations made from?

Christmas tree decorations are made from a variety of materials but most commonly they are made from glass, felt, metal or ceramics. All our decorations are designed to be hung from the tree, with attractive string or a similar material to make a perfect hanging decoration. Our luxury decorations are handmade to the highest of standards.

Who makes your Christmas ornaments?

We stock a wide variety of hanging decorations from a selection of carefully chosen suppliers. We are always looking for high quality and perfectly made Christmas ornaments that we can offer to you from our shops and online.

History of Christmas trees and decorations

Why do we have Christmas trees and decorate them?

Traditionally in the UK, the tree goes up on the first day of Advent, whilst on the continent it can be erected as late as Christmas Eve depending on the country. The idea of decorating a tree in England did not appear until George III’s wife presented a fully decorated tree at a party for children in 1800. The tradition stayed in the royal family until Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert as the custom spread to wealthy families. With the use of decorated trees at public events, the practice finally caught on by the end of the 19th Century.

How many ornaments should be on a Christmas Tree?

Naturally this is down to personal preference, some people prefer a huge number of decorations whilst others prefer a sparing amount. It is generally recommended that you should have ten decorations for every foot of tree, so a 5’ tree would have 50 ornaments, a 6’ tree would have 60 ornaments and so on.

What are traditional Christmas decorations?

Some of the most common traditional decorations are baubles, bells, garlands, stockings and candy canes! We also have handmade felt decorations of famous historical figures, including Henry VIII and his six wives.

How do you dress a Christmas tree?

We recommend saving the decorations until last! First you’ll need to have your tree on a sturdy base and then argue about whether the tree is straight or not. Following this we would recommend adding any lights, followed by your garlands (or tinsel!) and then adding your wonderful decorations.

Historical choices

Discover decorations inspired by the medieval era, Tudor royalty (Henry VIII and Elizabeth I), the Baroque period, the Georgian era, the Victorian era (Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) and contemporary royal decorations. Browse by palace, from the Tower of London to Hampton Court Palace.