Brooches and pins

Brooches and pins

Brooches & pins

Browse through our selection of beautiful brooches and pins. Our brooches are inspired by the palaces and include vintage Victorian designs as well as pieces inspired by the Crown Jewels and royal jewellery through history.

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  1. Crowns Regalia Fleur-de-lis stick-pin

    Fleur de lis stick-pin

  2. Beetle Brooch

    Beetle Brooch

  3. Princess Diana faux sapphire brooch

    Faux sapphire brooch

  4. Princess Diana inspired silver diamante bow brooch

    Silver diamante bow brooch

  5. Crown Brooch

    Crown brooch

    As low as £19.99
  6. Small pink flower brooch

    Pink crystal flower brooch

  7. Silver pearl leaf brooch

    Pearl leaf brooch

  8. Pastels flower brooch

    Pastel crystal flower brooch

  9. Crystal drop gold brooch

    Crystal drop brooch

  10. Pearl flower brooch

    Pearl floral brooch

  11. Tudor Rose Brooch

    Tudor Rose Brooch

  12. Peacock Butterfly Brooch

    Peacock Butterfly brooch

  13. Tudor rose pin badge

    Tudor Rose pin badge

  14. Union Jack flag badge

    Union Jack pin badge

  15. crown of india pin badge

    Crown of India pin badge

  16. raven pin badge

    Raven pin badge


22 Items

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Set Descending Direction