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Lady Jane Grey, the reluctant queen, was a member of the Tudor family, and hers is one of the most tragic tales in British history. The granddaughter of Henry VIII's younger sister Mary, she was a royal, but never destined to rule. However, she was a Protestant, and due to the ongoing succession crisis, she was named as next in line to the throne by her cousin Edward VI. Following his premature demise on 06 July 1553 at the age of only 15, she was placed upon the English throne by her scheming father and power-hungry father-in-law, the Earl of Northumberland.

Jane officially became Queen of England, France and Ireland on 10 July 1553. She did not want that title and protested that the rightful heir was her cousin Mary Tudor. However, Jane was not given much choice and entered the Tower of London to be proclaimed. Little did she know that she would never leave that fortress again.

In just 9 short days, Mary Tudor had gathered an army, and people soon started to switch their allegiances in her favour. She entered the city of London, accompanied by her sister Elizabeth, to cheers of 'God Save the Queen'. Jane admitted defeat, and her reign as the Queen of England was over, the shortest one in the history of the British monarchy. She was imprisoned and trialled on 13 November. Mary I might have pardoned her, but Jane's father raised a rebellion against the queen, which led to the young girl's execution on 12th February 1554, aged just 17 years old.

Each 13" (33cm) Jane Grey porcelain doll is individually made from start to finish in the UK and is signed and numbered by the artist.

The head, hands and feet of this beautiful collectable doll are individually sculpted in porcelain, as her face features lifelike set-in eyes. The hair is fashioned from soft mohair and all the features are delicately painted by hand.

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