Metal astronomical clock decoration



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Exclusively designed for Historic Royal Palaces, this metal hanging decoration is hand finished and is complete with a golden ribbon. Inspired by the astronomical clock at Hampton Court, this hanging decoration features an accurate representation of the clocks dial and featuring all of the zodiac signs.

  • Hand tied Historic Royal Palaces gold ribbon
  • Hand painted edging
  • Design applied by hand
  • Decorative representation of the astronomical clock at Hampton Court Palace

The astronomical clock was constructed between 1540 and 1542 at the time that Henry VIII was rebuilding the former palace of Cardinal Wolsey. The tower in which it was constructed overlooks Clock Court and one of the three bells in the belfry is the oldest part of the palace.

The bell was cast in 1478, having been given to Cardinal Wolsey by the Knights of St John in Jerusalem who leased the Manor of Hampton Court to Cardinal Wolsey on the 11th January 1514.

This clock was designed before the discoveries of Copernicus and Galileo, prior to which it was the general belief that the sun revolved around the earth rather than the earth around the sun. Therefore, on the Hampton Court clock, the earth is represented by a small globe in the centre, while the sun travels around it on a pointer.


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